Clinical Epidemiology and Health Economics

Working group JProf. Tim Mathes

The working group focuses on meta-epidemiological research and analyses the influence of study characteristics on effect estimation. The focus here is on the investigation of factors that cause potential bias and thus negatively influence causal inference. In particular, studies that are based partly or entirely on real-world data, such as register-based studies, are considered. Furthermore, the working group conducts research on methods of evidence synthesis, here primarily on synthesis methods for health economic evidence, methods for meta-analyses of a small number of studies, and methods for systematic reviews of non-randomised study designs and diagnostic studies.

In addition to methodological research, the working group conducts health care-related studies in cooperation with the clinical chairs. In addition to the development of quantitative and statistical analysis procedures, advice on health economic aspects is also covered. In cooperation with the service group Biometry, Data Management and Informatics in Clinical Trials, health services research studies can thus be fully supervised.



Prof. Dr. Tim Mathes

Prof. Dr. Tim Mathes

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