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Institut für Medizinische Statistik

The methodological work of the Department of Medical Statistics within this project focuses on innovative designs and analysis techniques for clinical trials with particular interest in adaptive designs and early clinical trials. The transformation of the newly developed methods in the field of clinical research and the application of the methods will be one of the main aspects of the project. As part of this step we will consider optimal designs from the viewpoint of Bayesian decision theory. The evidence synthesis methods allow to combine information from various (potentially heterogeneous) sources, e.g. different clinical trials but also dose-escalations using different dosage regimens. Enhancements of the methods are expected due to combining statistical methods of adaptive designs for clinical studies and Bayesian methods of evidence synthesis aiming at robust and efficient evaluations of therapies including drugs, biologics and devices with defined decision criteria.

This project is a joint venture of the Department of Medical Statistics and the Department of Medical Informatics of the University Medical Center Göttingen. It is funded by the DZHK.

Investigators and Collaborators

Professor Tim Friede (principal investigator)
Department of Medical Statistics
University Medical Center Göttingen

Professor Dagmar Krefting (principal investigator)
Department of Medical Informatics
University Medical Center Göttingen



Univ.-Prof. Dr. Tim Friede


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